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Facial Treatments

We offer a variety of facials, for different skin types and ages. Our qualified beauticians will advise you on the treatment most suited to your skin.

Deep Facial Cleansing

Cleansing for oily & combination skin to balance skin; included in treatment: steam, massage, soothing & purifying mask.

Oxygen Treatment

Treatment for a glowing radiant skin, thanks to an innovative machine.

Anti-Wrinkle Firming Treatment

Perfect & collagene masks, which delay the appearance of new wrinkles while intensively firming the skin and restoring its elasticity -- suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Lifting mask, which leaves a visibly improved appearance and a refined skin (significant recontourning of cheeks, mouth area, chin and forehead), thanks to its restructuring action.

Anti-Pigmentation Treatment

Swiss white mask, which reduces pigmentation defects and prevents new marks while nourishing and protecting the skin.

Vitamin C mask known for its anti-free radical, whitening and regenerating actions.

Treatments for Sensitive Skin

Phyto mask: based on seaweed with special aroma oil rich in Aloe Vera for a beautifully smooth and firm skin.

Sensitive Facial: a highly effective treatment for hydrating and calming sensitive, irritated skin, restoring a fresh and smooth complexion.

Anti-Acne Treatment

A deep cleansing treatment augmented with a bio mask which normalises, softens and purifies the skin.


Treatment for Unbalanced Skin

Thermo mask which stimulates the blood circulation, removes toxins and impurities leaving a clear, soft complexion with much smoother wrinkles.